Website development & maintenance

Setup of websites from scratch

Here at Marcus Computers ltd we not only support your IT systems but we also provide services to get your company a place on the internet. We can provide pre-built websites, and custom ones as well as maintenance for them. Work on websites is usually tied in with a support contract and work carried out would be done at a similar price. For more information on prices, contact us directly as it varies.


Below are some templates we can sell for you're business and amend where necessary

Please note all templates are completely customizable.

We can add graphics to you're site you supply us, or find others that cover your requirements. When requesting the setup of a website, it is important you supply us with the information required to be shown on the website, and this is all discussed prior to beginning work on a project. As well as this we can make you new websites from the ground up including eCommerce sites, which allow you to sell products over the internet.

We can also arrange the domain and hosting services with partners we're affiliated with, to cause as little disruption as possible for you, in terms of setting up the actual site.


Upgrading or maintenance of a website

We also provide services for clients with existing sites, which may need updating, this covers anything from improving the actual site layout itself or changing the information stored on it. We work directly with our customers to ensure that you're website shows and works exactly how you'd like it to. An example of this is our own internal upgrade from our old site located at:

to our new site


This service is in place to ensure you make the very best from your company's site, and keep up with the ever improving technology of today's digital world. For more information on any of the points covered please do contact us .



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