Starting up your IT    

Computerising your company can be a confusing and stressful time.  There are many different IT companies out there, and they all offer very different solutions.  Some companies suggest a single PC which will not meet your requirements, while others will try to sell you a large network which is way out of budget. The only thing all these IT companies seem to have in common is the confusing language they use and you are worried that you may end up with an expensive, ineffective solution for your requirements.

Small Business IT

Marcus Computers are different from other IT companies, we have specialised in working with small businesses and introducing them to IT for many years. This has allowed us to develop the skills to listen to what you would like to be able to do with your IT and from this build a cost effective solution that meets the requirements of your business. We believe that communication is very important, so we like to keep you as informed as possible about the products and systems available to you. However we are aware that understanding this information is often difficult, so we are happy to discus this with you and explain any terms that you are unsure of so that you can make an informed decision.                                                                        

Once you have decided on your hardware and software, we offer a full installation service. Our rates are very cost effective, and an efficient way of having your IT systems set-up. We offer a full package from cabling, installation, configuring the PC’s/Servers and loading business applications to PC User training for your staff.

We also provide support and maintenance to our clients, this proves especially useful when you have only just started using IT as small, simple problems can often seem confusing and create a lot of down time if not handled correctly. Having a support contract means there is always someone there to help whether you have just unplugged your mouse and not sure how to plug it back in or you have completely lost connection to the internet.


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