Disaster recovery


 In the last 5 years, the use of IT within the business world has dramatically increased. This has led to a lot of companies becoming increasingly reliant on their IT systems. However most companies do not consider all the threats properly, and although anti-virus, firewalls and passwords are put in place there are still threats that could bring your company to a standstill. A few of these are outlined below.


                                                    1) Server loss, this could take up to 10 days to fully replace and recover.
                                                    2) Loss of E-mail, this can happen very easily if there is a problem on the server, loss of firewall or internet connectivity.
                                                    3) Data Corruption, if this is not recovered correctly you may lose valuable company information forever
                                                    4) Personnel unable to use key computer systems, would your staff be able to work for 10 days with no IT
                                                    5) Virus or malicious hacker attacks, is all your data secure against unauthorised access?



All these threats are serious and will cost your business critical time, money and reputation. Unfortunately there is no way to completely prevent any of these threats; your company just needs to be prepared. A disaster recovery plan can help you do this; we can design a structured plan around your company’s requirements that will quickly get your IT back up and running. The plan will be fully documented and they are normally easy enough to be followed by someone with just basic IT skills, if your key IT staff are away.

Many companies have Disaster Recovery plans produces when their IT is first installed, but fail to develop these plans as their IT becomes increasingly important and complicated. This can mean that when problems do occur the expectation is that the systems will be back up and running quickly and easily, but the plans do not cover vital newer elements of the business systems, resulting in long downtime's, and potentially expensive work to recover lost data. This is why Marcus Computers suggest that your plan is reviewed every 3 years or after a large change, this is inexpensive and will prove more than valuable.

So if you are looking for the reassurance that your IT can still recover within a day or two after the worst happens please do not hesitate to call or email us, whatever you decide just don't wait until it’s too late.



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