Installation of IT systems

Marcus Computers understands how difficult it can be to try and find an IT company who can manage and implement the installation of your new IT equipment for you. You may have to talk to one company about hardware, another for software, another for cabling and another for the installation. Finally when the installation is completed you have to find another company to provide your support and maintenance.

Marcus Computers have simplified the process for you, by offering a completely integrated service, all at a very cost effective rate. You will be dealing with someone who has taken time to understand your requirements so they can alleviate your concerns and take over the workload. However, we can become as much or as little involved as suits your business. We can carry out the installation while you provide all the hardware and software, or if you just need someone to help your IT staff install a new system then we will be delighted to assist. We let you pick and chose how you want to use our services.

 Marcus Computers offer installation services to companies of all sizes whether it is a small company just looking to implement a basic IT system, a company  with established IT systems looking to expand or rationalize their IT, or a large company who need an IT infrastructure upgrade, we can fulfil your requirements.

Our installation rates can be charged at an hourly or daily rate and prices start at £45.00 per hour and £300.00 per day depending on the complexity of the systems. Our installation rates are very cost effective, and as we like to be sure all our systems are working satisfactorily, we cover our systems for up to 1 month after the installation. This gives you the peace of mind that if any issues resulting from the Install occur within 1 month, we will resolve them free of charge.



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