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Forms development

Every company has to use business forms, they may not seem very important at the time, but without them no orders can be placed or invoices sent. However, forms can prove to be expensive to have designed and printed through a professional printing firm. Having your forms stored electronically on your computer network is a far more flexible and a cost effective option, providing many benefits to your business:

1) Forms can be stored centrally on the computer network so that they can be accessed easily by all staff.
2) Electronic forms can be easily updated with information, new logos or new features as your business changes and expands.
3) As they are easily filled in on a PC instead of by hand,
they become neater and can be checked for mistakes before printing.
4) The forms can be effortlessly backed up, preventing loss and allowing for easy accessibility.
5) All forms become standardised and look more professional.
6) You will never run out of essential forms.

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Marcus Computers now provide a service to develop electronic forms for your company. This is a very cost effective service with prices starting at just £50.00 per form (depending on the complexity). Prior to developing the forms, we will discus your specific requirements with you so you get the information you want or in some cases just duplicate your present paper forms with any improvements you feel necessary.

These forms can contain your company’s logo and accreditations, and can be stored in a central location on your systems. This can then be filled out and printed as required. All fields are locked to prevent accidental editing of standard information, and the forms can also be configured to do simple calculations, such as VAT costing automatically saving valuable time.



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