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Cabling services

The foundation of any IT system no matter how large or small is the quality of the network infrastructure. To attain a high standard Marcus Computers has a focused team that can cater for all sizes of network, from a simple but effective 3 user Cat5e network through to larger systems, including redundancy and telephone integration.

This team provides a wide range of skills to ensure all elements of your system are examined and understood, and that the resulting network fulfils your requirements. Marcus Computers appreciate that however good the service is, it is no help if it is not cost effective. This is why, with prices starting from as little as £45.00 per point, Marcus’ cabling services can provide your business with performance and functionality at a very competitive cost.

When the network is complete Marcus Computers’ support does not stop there, we can either migrate all of your IT systems over to the new network or liaise with your IT team or preferred supplier to ensure a smooth transfer. This is fundamental to Marcus Computers’ approach to the IT business in that we provide a complete service from installing infrastructure to application development, all from a single supplier




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