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Addition to your IT department

In the world today companies rely heavily on their IT systems. Even a small amount of down time has the potential for a high financial impact. Because of this, many companies have internal IT staff to resolve issues as they occur. However these IT staff generally have other roles within the company and IT often takes a back seat so small issues can turn into big problems if they are not detected and action taken to resolve them.

Marcus Computers are dedicated to helping companies make the best possible use of technology. We offer support and maintenance contracts to businesses with internal IT staff, this gives you peace of mind that if your IT staff are busy with other projects, sick or on holiday that there will still be someone at the end of the telephone whose number one priority is your IT system. Adding Marcus support to your team will be a huge advantage to your IT staff if they have complex issues that they are not sure how to solve, new hardware or software to install or any other IT issue they may be unfamiliar with. Having Marcus support available will mean issues will be resolved faster and more efficiently which will often translate into lower costs.

Any issues that we solve we will be happy to talk through with your staff, growing their knowledge so that if the problem re-occurs it can be dealt with in-house.

  • Marcus Computers support and maintenance is sold in blocks of 5 to 50 hours, however for companies with internal IT staff we normal recommend 5 to 10 hours as we find this provides ample cover. Marcus support and maintenance contracts are very cost effective between £40.00 - £70.00 per hour depending on the size and complexity of your system.
  • Our standard support and maintenance contracts are based on office hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:30pm) telephone, VPN and dial in are based on 4 hour response and on site time is bookable in advance. Telephone, VPN and dial in are charged at a minimum of 15 minutes and 15 minutes increments thereafter. Onsite support is charged at a minimum of 1 hour on site and 15 minutes increments thereafter. However this is just our standard support and maintenance contract and we are happy to discus your requirements to come up with a solution that suits your company’s specific needs.

As well as using Marcus Computers to help you maintain your IT systems we can provision all your hardware and software at a very low cost, often beating the recommended retail price, and have your hardware or software delivered straight to you. Most of the companies we deal with are not just impressed by our levels of service but also by the fact that all your IT requirements are handled in the same place.





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